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Healing Herb's Spirit


Shuar 09:46
Rahien 08:05
Dreaming 05:11
Icaros 07:42
Yacaruna 10:25
Vimuktita 06:29
Turiya 07:36


Earthy and shamanic (organic), rich textures slither, coil around the ears (embrace), leading the listener into all the remote pockets of unexplored terrain, a full-bodied excursion, and yet the sound is not cluttered or overwhelming. Quite the contrary, the fascinating collage of instruments (including Woodblock rototom, bone flute, rainstick, Tibetan bowls, water pumpkin, bamboo... stones, shells and leaves.. .electronics, samples, etc.) helps to create a diverse canopy under which the mind fills with images of forests (trees sighing...), wind and sky, of the sentience of eons long dead but still infused with vitality. The result is an always expanding array of sounds enmeshed in the fabric of ritual, of sonically soothing spiritual diversions that lead to transcendence, peaceful and yet invigorating. Ah, but within this framework, the heart of the disc grows quite dark,leery, more mysterious... it is a prismatic travelogue incorporating many sonic colours or lacks thereof (reds, yellows, grays...blacks...) in a haunting and sporadically time resistant cocoon... time standing still... losing meaning. A nice transition that keeps the listener always attentive. Calm, though quite invigorating...
JCSmith - Alternative Press


released February 12, 1999

Composed and recorded by Antonio Testa and Alio Die
between June and December 1997.
Edited and mixed on Pro Tools December 1997.
Final editing and mastering by Max Costa.
© Antonio Testa. The copyright in this sound recording is owned by A. Testa.

Antonio Testa: Woodblock rototom, water pumpkin, djankro. indian drum, stones, bamboo, gatham, darabouka, teponaztli, kalimba, bow, rattles with seeds, shells and leaves, seed and bone whistles, nai flute, bone flute, horn, flying romb, stalagmite, bamboo and horn scraper, rainstick, tibetan bowls, electronics and voice...
Stefano Musso: Samples, voice, textures and drones, editing.

On track 2: Rahien Testa-first cry
On track 6: Arturo Alvear and Susanna Beatris-Djembé
Rodolfo Airoldi- voice grido

Artwork by Hic Sunt Leones


all rights reserved




Since the late 80s, Stefano Musso has recorded deep, evocative experimental ambient & electro-acoustic soundscapes under the name Alio Die.
His music is a shadowy, cavernous, intensely detailed fusion of acoustical elements, step-and-repeat sample treatments, sparse, echoing percussion, and deep, atmospheric sound design, textural passages..by the music's vague, entropic formlessness.
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